Description of email services provided by the SDCC

The SDCC provides the following email services:

  1. An email account
  2. Email storage and access service (IMAP/HTTP)
  3. Email sending service (SMTP) (RHIC/LSST users only)
  4. Email server configuration

The DOE has mandated that all non-MFA-protected IMAP servers at DOE facilities be blocked from the Internet on April 15, 2020. See the link below for more details.


Two-Factor Authentication for Webmail

By Louis Pelosi |


Two-factor authentication for webmail

Two-factor authentication is forced for all external-facing email by DOE from April 15th 2020.

1. Navigate to the webmail interface: Check "Activate" to activate two-factor authentication.

2. Click on "Create Secret" to randomly generate a secret.

3. Enter four easy-to-remember recovery codes that can be used as one-time recovery codes in case you do not have your phone with you.

Configuring Pine

By Louis Pelosi |

Step by step instructions on configuring the pine email client.

In order to use pine to read email, you will need to have a version of pine that supports SSL. Newer versions of pine on newer Linux systems support SSL by default.

To configure pine, follow these instructions: