Secure shell (SSH) is a secure replacement for insecure programs like telnet and rsh. It is the only supported method of accessing systems at the SDCC. SSH clients are available for most popular platforms in both free and non-free forms.

SSH Gateways

Information on the Ssh Gateways at the RACF

The SSH gateways at the SDCC are the primary interactive "doors" into the SDCC facility. They should only be used to gain interactive access to the facility, they are NOT designed for data transfers (aka SCP access). Once you have logged into an Ssh gateway, you can hop to the internal system of your choosing via ssh. The old RHIC & USATLAS SSH gateways have been deprecated and consolidated to the single set of SDCC SSH gateways.

Generate SSH Key Pairs

How to generate SSH key pairs

SSH keys are generated using the ssh-keygen program on Linux/Unix/ MacOS/Cygwin, or with PuTTYgen on Windows. For Windows users please go here

Please ensure that the 'Number of bits in a generated key' is 2048 or larger or your key will be rejected.