By Louis Pelosi |

Do I have to talk to the ticket system via email? Can I submit tickets via a Web interface?

Yes. While we assume that, for the vast majority of users, the ability to submit tickets by email is sufficient, we realize that some would like to interact with RT via a Web interface.

In order to obtain access to the Web interface, please create a ticket via email in the UserAccounts queue, and include your name, institution, and telephone number. If you are not a BNL user, please provide the name of a group leader or a BNL employee who can confirm your identity.

Why is it necessary to request Web access? Why can't this access be given by default?

The SDCC serves a broad community of users, including US ATLAS, RHIC, and other experiments. Many of these users do not physically visit the BNL facility, and others do not have BNL computer accounts. As a result, it is impossible to know the user names of all our users, which prevents us from granting access to the RT Web interface by default.

I have obtained an RT Web account. Where do I go to log in?

You can access the RT Web interface here.

How do I create a ticket using the Web interface?

Login to the RT interface using your RHIC or ATLAS username and password.

Once you are logged on, next to the New Ticket button, there is a pull-down menu with a list of available ticket categories. Select the appropriate category for your issue, and then click New Ticket.

Fill in the form, and then click "Submit".

How can I search for existing tickets using the Web interface?

Login to the RT interface using your RHIC or ATLAS username and password.  Use the Query Builder (from Tickets in the left-hand menu) to build an SQL query that will return the desired results.

For more information on building SQL queries in RT, see MIT IST's Searching in RT Using Query Builder, or the "Searching" section of the RT wiki's UsingWebInterface page.

Can you create a different problem queue for me, or split an existing queue into two?

Yes; however, once created, problem queues cannot easily be deleted. Therefore, new queues are created only when a real need arises, or if an existing queue becomes overloaded and should be split.

My ticket has been resolved and closed, but the original problem has reappeared. How do I reopen the existing ticket?

Simply reply to one of the email messages related to the ticket, and it will be reopened.

If you haven't kept, or no longer have access to, any of the original email messages, but you remember the ticket number, open a new ticket and mention this ticket number in your new message. Your new ticket will be merged with the previous record.

If you don't remember the original ticket number, briefly remind the the expert panel of original problem, and the original ticket will be found and merged with your new request.