SDCC Drupal

By Louis Pelosi |

SDCC Drupal Sites:

The SDCC provides a content management service for experiments to be able to create, edit, and maintain their own public and private web presence. 

Some key points:

COmanage setup for new accounts

By Louis Pelosi |

Purpose of COmanage-Registry:

Federated ID is a method by which one can authenticate to Web pages or services. As users of the SDCC, you are already doing this using the SDCC federation (your Kerberos account(s) and password(s) along with a second factor). Federated IDs however offer the possibility to merge multiple identities and map them into one single user. A COmanage registry is the core infrastructure component that will combine multiple Identity providers (IDPs) to a single identity. So you can log in with your CERN account or your SDCC account, BNL account, etc.

Privileged access using Yubikeys

By Tejas Rao |

Privileged access using Yubikeys

yubico-piv-tool is needed initially to setup your yubico device. yubico-piv-tool is available with most Linux distributions. It is included in EPEL on RHEL systems. You can also download it using the below link.


        1. Change PIN

The PIN must be between 6 and 8 characters long, and it can be any type of alphanumeric character.