By Louis Pelosi |

Basic SDCC email parameters may be enough to configure most email clients, including smartphones and other mobile devices.

The DOE has mandated that all non-MFA-protected IMAP servers at DOE facilities be blocked from the Internet on April 15, 2020. See the link below for more details.

The below instructions will only work from BNL campus networks.

To configure your email client to connect to the SDCC mail server and authenticate with your account credentials:

  1. In your client preferences or settings, create an account with the following attributes:
    • Incoming server (IMAP):
      • Username/password: Your SDCC computing account user name and password
      • IMAP server:
      • Port: 993
      • Security type: SSL (or SSL/TLS)
      • IMAP path prefix: None (leave blank).
    • Outgoing server (SMTP):
      • SMTP server:
      • Port: 465
        Note: some users report that port 587 works instead for their clients.
      • Security type: SSL (or SSL/TLS)
        Note: some users report that STARTTLS works instead for their clients
      • Require authentication (or sign-in): Yes (enable)
      • Username/password: Your RCF computing account user name and password
  2. Save your account settings. The remainder of your settings are orthogonal to your account connection, possibly client-specific, and should not affect your ability to connect to the SDCC mail server.

For instructions tailored to specific clients and operating systems, see: