By Saroj Kandasamy |

Printing at the SDCC

Print services at the SDCC is only provided on the main RHIC general interactive system, This system is a RHIC only system. No printing services are available on other systems at the SDCC.

Listing Available Printers

The command lpstat -t lists all print queues on

Setting a Default Print Queue

To set your default printer, define the PRINTER environment variable to the print queue of your choice.

Other Print Commands

lp -d queue_name file_name - Submits file_name to printer queue queue_name for printing.(To set a default printer, define the PRINTER environment variable.)

lpstat -o queue_name - Lists jobs that have been submitted to the printer identified by queue_name.

lpstat -t - Lists all print queues.

lpstat -d - Lists the default print queue.

cancel request-ID - Remove the print job identified by request-ID from the print queue (i.e., cancel the print job). Obtain the ID from the lpstat command.