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The CERN-VM FIle System service at BNL

The SDCC at BNL serves as a CVMFS Stratum One replica server for WLCG and OSG experiment repositories.

US cloud users should configure their clients to point to the RACF replica as their primary server source in their CVMFS_SERVER_URL value, and include other Stratum One servers in the list as fail-overs:


For CVMFS proxy configuration in the US cloud, clients should point their CVMFS_HTTP_PROXY value to their local site Squid caches.

The SDCC service alias for CVMFS cache instances can be used in the appropriate CVMFS_HTTP_PROXY value, but note that such configuration is meant for BNL nods and jobs, and is not optimal for sites not geographically proximal to BNL:


If the round-robin alias causes problems within the client, use the explicit hostnames of the two cache nodes that comprise the alias (as of this writing):


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