Information about services provided by the SDCC.

Docker Registry

SDCC support container usage on various SDCC computing nodes.  A docker registry was setup for users to store and use docker images . SDCC users should be able to pull/push images there from SDCC networks and BNL campus network. 

A pull through cache registry is also available for users to access public dockerhub images from SDCC computer nodes.

Pull through cache registry for docker hub: (public image only)

The pull through cache registry hostname is 

VOMS Group Managers

There is now a new GroupManager role available for the VO. This role is used like the VO-Admin role was previously in VOMRS, so as to internally to tag the group managers.

For each group to which we want to delegate management, we need to add an ACL for both the group and the VO root. The ACLs can be granted via the this link:

VOMS Admin Management

Prior to approval, any new requests for Virtual Organization (VO) membership should be verified for existing CERN accounts to prevent creating duplicate memberships.

This procedure is intended only for VO administrators. It may be useful to open multiple browser windows for each of the necessary sites (VOMS Admin, CERN Accounts, etc.).

Obtaining Cluster Access

In order to use/access the SDCC resources, you will need a valid allocation.

To have a valid allocation you need to fulfill one of the following:

  • Access to an allocation of computational or storage resources as a member of a project account
  • Commercial allocation by contacting CSI

Once approved, upload your public SSH key to the facility via this form.

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