By William Streck… | Thu, 04/29/2021 - 15:29


In order to log out of a "local" session, simply select the "Hub" pulldown menu and "Logout":

hub control panel

When running a Slurm session on the IC or KNL cluster, users must perform an additional step to ensure that their batch job is not left running and using their allocation on the cluster.  In such cases, instead of selecting "Logout," select "File -> Hub Control Panel" then click the "Stop Server" button.  This will kill the running notebook and give you the option to restart it.  At this point, the user may safely log out using the button in the upper right corner.

Note:  Simply closing the browser window will not immediately kill a Jupyter session.  If this does happen, logging back in will, in most cases, reconnect users to their previous session.  After 3 days, a culling process will eventually kill any unconnected session (note: a running batch session that exceeds the allowed resources, e.g. time, memory, etc may also be killed by the batch system)