File transfers - Globus online.

Globus provides a secure, unified interface to your research data. Use Globus to 'fire and forget' high-performance data transfers between systems within and across organizations.

File transfers from workstations need Globus Personal connect -


File transfers to/from RHIC/ATLAS/SDCC home directories and GPFS/Lustre data filesystems should be done through Globus online.

See the below link for more information on Globus online.


The public Globus endpoint is "SDCC". (UUID - d6ae63d8-503f-11e9-a620-0a54e005f950).

You can activate the endpoint using your SDCC Kerberos credentials, use only your username without the Kerberos realm. Transfers can be done through the site or through the CLI.

The endpoint can be activated for a maximum of 3 days.