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What is Invenio?

Invenio is a code library to build large-scale digital information systems originally developed by CERN and released as an open source project.  Presently the Invenio branded products supported by CERN and the Invenio community are:

  • InvenioRDM - a Research Data Management platform 
  • InvenioILS - an Integrated Library System
  • Invenio Framework (Invenio 3)  - is a digital repository framework that permits building and running a digital library, institutional repository, multimedia archive. InvenioRDM, InvenioILS are examples of applications built using the Invenio framework

Invenio at BNL

SDCC supports different digital repositories built on Invenio 3

Zenodo is a digital repository built using Invenio 3 framework. There are two Zenodo based instances operated and supported within the SDCC:

  • Zenodo instance for the Electric Ion Collider experiment
  • The DOE's Covid-19 Medical Therapeutics project

Zenodo instances are integrated with Incommon Federation and it uses COmanage for user authentication. This integration provides the possibility for users to use their institution's identity provider to log into the Zenodo based instance.

To request login access to the Zenodo instance follow these instructions Log in to the BNL Zenodo Repository

invenioRDM project

SDCC is collaborating with CERN and other multidisciplinary institutions to build the next generation digital repository, invenioRDM.

Zenodo will be migrated to invenioRDM. For detailed information about the project please visit this link 

If interested, please contact us at

Custom Invenio 3 based repositories

BNL communities have built digital repositories specific for their own needs. SDCC supports the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Materials Science communities.

Other communities like the Nuclear Particle Physics (sPhenix experiment) are working in developing a custom Invenio 3 applications and considering using the invenioRDM once released.

SDCC supports infrastructure for Invenio based applications, along with customized network, storage, and authentication infrastructure enabled to host services (production, testing and developing).

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