MFA Deletion process

Don't forget to delete the existing token on your mobile device or browser before creating a new one.

Initial Login



First time use

  • You will be greeted with a banner stating "these steps are not reversible".
  • Please enter the BNL Life number as stated.


    • Once you enter the correct life number, an email will be sent to what we have on file for the account logged in.
    • Please keep this window open so you can enter the 6 digit code sent in the email.










    • An email will arrive within 30-60 seconds depending on the service you use.
    • This email will be sent from "" with the subject line as "BNL Self-service MFA deletion portal" which contains a 6 digit code.


    • Once the 6-digit token is confirmed, a validation screen will appear indicating that the token has been deleted.









    Further use

    • For security purpose after a completed deletion the banner will change to state the last deleted date / time.
    • If you feel this date or time is invalid please contact support immediately.