By Louis Pelosi |

A grid certificate serves as an identifying credential for all grid services, and is comprised of two main components:

  • The certificate is a file that establishes your identity, or who you are in relation to the grid. Grid tools circulate this identity when you perform grid tasks, such as submitting a job or copying a file from one location to another. Its main component is the subject distinguished name (or DN), which is the full name that identifies you when using the grid.
  • The private key provides proof that you are the owner of the certificate. As such, it is important that you keep this key private, or other people will be able to use it to authenticate themselves as you (in terms of the grid) and perform grid-related tasks on your behalf. The private key is typically protected with a password, which essentially becomes your grid password.

Members of experiment organizations other than OSG or US ATLAS should contact their local organizations to determine their proper certificate authority (or CA) from which to obtain or renew a certificate.

To request a new grid certificate:

  • For US ATLAS users: request or renew a certificate from the CERN CA.
  • For OSG users: follow these instructions, and use the following information to complete the request form:
For PHENIX users: For STAR users:
Virtual Organization: Leave blank Virtual Organization: STAR
Sponsor Information: Martin Purschke
1 631 344 5244
Sponsor Information: Select from list.
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