By Saroj Kandasamy |

User Accounts FAQ:

  • Request SDCC Account

          Please check the below link to fulfill the requirements needed for an active SDCC account and then to fill out the new user form



  • Reset SDCC Kerberos Password

          If the current SDCC kerberos password cannot be recalled, please submit a support ticket in the User Accounts queue to request an account password reset. To expedite the process, include your BNL Life or Guest number in the request.

Note: The SDCC Kerberos password is not the same as the SSH Key passphrase.


  • Account Lockout

          Excessive login failures ( e.g., multiple incorrect password entries or TOTP code or wrong username also) for any authentication (web, NX, kinit, AFS, etc) will result in a temporary login ban. Please wait for a few minutes until the ban is automatically lifted before attempting another login. Repeated attempts too quickly will result in extending the automatic account lockout.