Stratum Zero

Using the Stratum Zero repository and publishing system at BNL.

Note: in order to make use of this service, you must first gain approval from your experiment liaison, who will communicate to the SDCC that your account should be enabled for writing to your CVMFS repository.

Two write hosts, cvmfswrite0{1,2}, have been enabled with special partitions and mechanisms to allow authorized experiment members to write into their respective repositories. To use this service:

SFTP gateways - Transfer files using SFTP gateways.

Information on the SFTP gateways - 

Users should use to access the sftp gateways and transfer files. 

SSH keys should be used to access the sftp gateways. 

GPFS and NFS home directory filesystems are available through the SFTP gateways.  

The gateways do not allow interactive access or allow scp transfers for security reasons. 

Example - 

sftp /local_destination