Tue Jun 22 17:39:28 EDT 2021

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Summary: Farm batch slots repartitioning

Duration: Effective immediately for one month


We would like to inform you that upon request from NPP, a queue/slot re-partitioning will take effect shortly on the batch farm providing a temporary major resource increase to the STAR experiment. This followed a DOE request that STAR must complete its blinded analyses of the 2018 Isobar data by the end of the current fiscal year (this target was made as part of a notable Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan from DOE ONP). In order to meet the deadline, the reallocation (a proportional reduction of slots from several groups by -40%) needs to remain in effect for the coming month and this may cause some impact to the throughput of other jobs, including those of STAR non-Isobar related analysis and data production as well as those from ATLAS T3, EIC, PHENIX and sPHENIX.
If during this period, you need additional resources, please contact us, we will try to find ways to accommodate your request.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and the short notice