CRS Job Information

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CRS Job Description Files

CRS jobs are defined by a job description file (jdf) which gets submitted to the CRS submit daemon.  They are formatted as a standard .ini-style config file, that looks like:

CRS Technical Information

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Job Statuses

In the CRS system but not a candidate to run, not seen by submit-daemon yet
Submitted to the negotiator, will eventually run
If inputs require staging, job will enter this stage
All stage-files (if any) are ready, submitted to condor
Condor job is running, processing the input files
All input files staged to node, job executing now
Job exes ended,

CRS User Administration

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Submit  Machine Software

The CRS software consists of a pair of daemons that run as the reco-users on dedicated submit machines (currently rcrsuser1 for PHENIX / rcrsuser3 for STAR) in conjunction with the Condor batch software. One daemon is simply a logserver that writes log-messages from the running jobs to a folder in the reco-user's (local) home directory.

CRS Batch Software Overview

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The new CRS Batch software was designed to allow users a transparent transition from old CRS batch software, whenever possible. In many instances, functionality and flexibility of the new software has been enhanced to address users' requests. An example is the ability of the new CRS batch software to leverage the use of commodity hardware (Intel-based servers) and open-source Linux OS to simplify the interface to the RCF/ACF mass storage system (HPSS).

New Features

The new CRS system has a number of enhancements and new features.