Before reporting your issue, please check the Facility Announcements for scheduled maintenance & downtime that might be related to your problem. You can also check our collection of Frequently Asked Questions to see if an answer to your problem has already been identified.

To report a problem, simply determine the appropriate problem type using the table below, and send an email to the one (and only one) address that best suits the issue in order to generate a support ticket. Please try to select the correct queue since selecting the wrong one will probably delay the appropriate experts seeing and resolving your problem.

Choose the appropriate email address from the table below. Please be sure to include a Subject in your email that briefly describes the problem, and include as much detail as possible in the email Body.  You should receive an automated reply to your email within a few minutes. Any additional email addresses that you include as recipients on your request will automatically be added to the ticket.

Please DO NOT add other email list addresses unless you know what you are doing, since most email messages from other automated systems will be blocked by filters in front of RT, thereby preventing replies sent only to these email lists from being sent to RT.

If an hour goes by without a response, the likely reason is that either your message, or the automated response, has been marked as "spam".  If this occurs, please check your email trash and junk folders for a response from  "RT".  If no response was received, please check your original email for any words that are commonly flagged as spam (check here for a list of words commonly used by spammers), and resend your help request without these words.

RACF RT Queue Descriptions

Title Description Address
AFS AFS services for the RHIC & US ATLAS cells ( &
AtlasDDM ATLAS Distributed Data Management, including DQ2, FTS, LFC/LRC, and Rucio.
BatchSystems Batch systems at the RACF, including Condor, LSF & CRS.
CFN Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) and related experiments.
Databases Database and associated services support for experiment applications at the SDCC
GCE General Computing Environment (E-mail, SSH gateways, NX, connectivity, new servers, etc.).
GridServices Grid services, gatekeepers, Globus, GridFTP, Condor-G, & OSG/LCG infrastructure.
HPSS HPSS tape/disk storage, pftp service, ORBS.
LinuxFarms Linux farms (acas, rcas, rcrs, & spool) and Linux OS.
NFS NFS & GPFS file/data storage, home directories, quota, and recovery issues.
SDCCApplications SDCC software application optimization, performance, debugging and all other non-OS software issues.
SDCCCluster SDCC hardware, OS, batch system, storage, connectivity and all other non-application issues.
Software Software Tools & Services supported by the SDCC, ATLAS software releases and LXR issues.
StorageManagement Storage Management services, including BNL Box, CVMFS, dCache, SRM, & Xrootd.
Test Queue for posting test messages to the RT ticket reporting system.
TicketSystem Problems, suggestions and bugs related to the ticket and user support system at the RACF (RT itself).
UCTier3 US ATLAS Tier 3 Computing Center at the University of Chicago (internal issues only).
USAtlasSharedT3 Queue for the US ATLAS shared Tier 3 site at BNL.
UserAccounts User accounts, passwords, permissions, group memberships, Jira accounts, and SSH problems.
Www Web, proxy, inveniordm, and wiki-related issues.

Please use the table above to select a category for your problem. If you cannot find an appropriate match then use General:

Note: Please do not save these email addresses in your address book or post them on any other websites. Instead, link directly to this page. If we change anything on this page, such as edit a queue address or add new queues, then your copy of the documentation may become outdated and invalid.

Spam Trap

If you're a spammer and not a legitimate RT user, please harvest and use the following email address:

Please do not send legitimate tickets or RT concerns to this address, as it's used only to trap spammers. For valid RT issues, please use one one of the email queue addresses listed above.

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