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Oracle8 Enterprise Edition, Release 8.0.5 for Windows NT

Part No. A64416-01

This document describes how to contact Oracle Corporation if you have issues with the documentation or software.

Read the section...   If You...  

How to Contact Oracle Technical Publications  

Have issues with Documentation  

How to Contact Oracle Support Services  

Have issues with Software  

Oracle Web Sites and Resources  

Want a list of useful Oracle Web sites  

How to Contact Oracle Technical Publications

Oracle Corporation welcomes your comments and suggestions on the quality and usefulness of this publication. Your input is an important part of the information used for revision.

You can send comments regarding documentation to

How to Contact Oracle Support Services

Please copy this page and distribute within your organization as necessary.

Oracle Support Services can be reached at the following telephone numbers. The hours of business are detailed in your support contract and the Desktop Customer Support Guide in your kit.

Oracle Support Services In...   Call...  

United States of America  

(1) (650) 506-1500 for customers with support contracts

(1) (650) 506-5577 to obtain a support contract  


+(44) (1344) 860-160 or the local support center in your country.  

All other locations  

Your local Oracle Sales Office in your country. Oracle Sales Offices and telephone numbers are listed in the Desktop Customer Support Guide booklet in your kit. They are also available at:  

Please complete the following checklist before you call. If you have this information ready, your call can be processed much quicker.

Your CPU Support Identification Number (CSI Number) if applicable.


The hardware name on which your application is running.



The operating system name and release number on which your application is running.



The release numbers of the Oracle Server and associated products involved in the current problem. For example, Oracle8 Server release and Oracle Replication Manager release




Are you using 16-bit or 32-bit Oracle software?


The third-party vendor and version you are using.


The exact error codes and messages. Please write these down as they occur. They are critical in helping Oracle Support Services to quickly resolve your problem.





A description of the issue, including:

  • What happened? For example, the command used and its result.



  • When did it happen? For example, during peak system load, or after a certain command, or after an operating system upgrade.



  • Where did it happen? For example, on a particular system, or within a certain procedure or table.



  • What is the extent of the problem? For example, production system unavailable, or moderate impact but increasing with time, or minimal impact and stable.



Keep copies of any trace files, core dumps, and redo log files recorded at or near the time of the incident. Oracle Support Services may need these to further investigate your problem.

Oracle Web Sites and Resources

This section lists useful Oracle Web sites and resources.

Information Source   Description  

Oracle Corporation Home Page  

This Web site is the starting point for general information on Oracle Corporation.  

Oracle Education  

Customers come to Oracle Education with a variety of needs. You may require a complete curriculum based on your job role to enable you to implement new technology. Or you may seek an understanding of technology related to your key area of responsibility to help you meet technical challenges. You may be looking for self-paced training that can be used as an ongoing resource for reference and hands-on practice. Or, you may be interested in an overview of a new product upgrade. Whatever your training need, Oracle Education has the solution.  

Product Availability  

Send an e-mail to request information on future product releases on Oracle for Windows NT.  

Oracle Support Services Web Page  

This site is the starting point for all support information. From this Web site, you can access information such as free installation support, support service descriptions, sales office phone numbers, documentation sales, as well as current interest items. Also, from this site, you can link to the major areas outlined below:  


This site provides BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD customers with the ability to resolve technical issues by accessing repositories of technical support solutions. This service has recently been enhanced to enable United States customers to track the progress of Technical Assistance Requests (TARs) being resolved by Oracle. You can register for MetaLink by navigating to:

and choosing the Registration Page link.  

Oracle Global Customer Service  

This is Oracle's customer service department, which handles issues ranging from locating CPU Support Identification (CSI) numbers, and issuing product upgrades and returns, to providing product release information and conducting proactive customer visits. If you visit this site, you can receive answers to frequently asked questions and can register for the SupportNotes CD-ROM.  

Oracle SupportInSite  

Visit this site when you want a better understanding of Oracle Support Services's resources, or when you want to find out how to enhance your experience with the support organization. You can find out how to locate information such as support bulletins, bug queries, solutions articles, and white papers.

You can also find out about accessing TAR management reports and Fax on Demand services. In addition, SupportInSite is also available on CD-ROM and can be ordered through the Global Customer Service Web site.  

US Customer Visit Program (CVP)  

This program was established to help Oracle customers understand and obtain maximum benefits from the support services they have purchased. The visit program includes presentations, demonstrations, helpful tips on working more effectively with Oracle Support Services, and a comprehensive overview of Oracle's electronic support services.

Interested customers should contact their Oracle account manager or license sales representative and instruct them to complete the "customer visit nomination" template in Oracle's internal e-mail system.  


You can find out all the latest news and information about Oracle Support Services's vast array of products, programs, and customer-oriented accomplishments by reading SupportNews. SupportNews is not a technical journal. This publication is a practical newsletter packed with informative articles written by expert Oracle staff and specialists. SupportNews is published quarterly and mailed to more than 41,000 customers across the United States of America. You can view the electronic version of SupportNews on the Web.  

Virtual Support Analyst (VSA)  

This is an automated e-mail response system that allows access to Oracle Support Services' databases through any e-mail server connected to the Internet. VSA is available to all United States Oraclemetals customers and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once registered with your supported CSI Number, VSA enables you to do the following:

  • Create, update, query, and close TARs

  • Query bugs

  • Query bulletins

  • Request TAR Management Reports

  • Request software updates

For more information on VSA and instructions on how to register, send an e-mail to In the e-mail, enter:

  • help

  • topic: subscribe

  • stop



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