Oracle8 Enterprise Edition Getting Started 
Release 8.0.5 for Windows NT 

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Distributing and Managing Oracle Software

This chapter describes how to distribute and manage Oracle8 Enterprise Edition products across a network.

Specific topics discussed are:


Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) enables you to distribute and manage Oracle software across a network. This chapter provides a brief overview of SMS features, including installation, configuration, and usage instructions (where necessary).

Systems Management Server

SMS manages networked PCs running Windows operating systems. Specifically, SMS provides:

SMS is a component of Microsoft Backoffice, and is sometimes used in companies running their businesses on Windows NT.

Oracle8 Enterprise Edition SMS Support

Oracle products for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT support remote installation and software inventory and auditing capabilities through SMS release 1.2. SMS integration with Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups is not currently supported. Oracle Corporation provides customizable package definition files (.PDFs) that SMS administrators can use to distribute and maintain Oracle products in Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 networks. These packages contain the same products as the corresponding packages in a traditional installation.


SMS .PDF files are not the same as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files. Adobe Acrobat .PDF files contain only documentation, do not contain products, and cannot be used to distribute and maintain Oracle products. 


Distributing Oracle Software with SMS

To distribute Oracle software with SMS:


You must be an SMS administrator to perform these procedures. 

  1. Open the Packages window from the SMS Administrator's console.
  2. Select New from the File menu.
  3. Select Import in the dialog box that appears in order to specify the .PDF package that describes the Oracle software package to SMS.
  4. Navigate to the SMS directory at the root of the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition for Windows NT CD-ROM.
  5. Select the appropriate PDF package:

  6. Package   Enables You to... 


    Install and de-install Oracle8 server software. This package includes Recovery Manager, which requires Legato Storage Manager (LSM) for Oracle to be installed. LSM is not automatically installed by SMS. You must manually install LSM by executing SETUP.EXE from the Legato directory at the root of the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition for Windows NT CD-ROM. 


    Install and de-install Oracle8 client software. 


    De-install any Oracle8 software package. You can use this option if you have the software installed but have not already created an install/de-install package with SMS, or if you have deleted the install/de-install package. Job sending time is greatly reduced. 


  7. Select Workstations to see more properties of the package.
  8. Select the source directory for the package as follows:

  9. For...  Set the Source Directory... 

    ServerNT.PDF or Client32.PDF (the two install/de-install packages) 

    To the root directory of the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition for Windows NT CD-ROM 

    Deinstal.PDF (the de-install only package) 

    To the SMS directory located at the root of the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition for Windows NT CD-ROM 



    Setting the source directory is important, as installation command lines specified in the .PDF file are interpreted relative to the source directory. 


    One or more command line options listed for the package appear. They are defined in the .PDF file and must not be modified.

  10. Click Close to exit the window.
  11. Click OK to exit the Package Properties window.
  12. SMS creates the package.

  13. Create a Run Command on Workstation job to distribute the new Oracle8 Enterprise Edition product package. You can choose the appropriate command line option for the package during job creation (for example, Oracle8 Client/DBA for Win95 or Oracle8 Client/AppUser for Win95). Consult your SMS documentation for more information about creating jobs.
  14. Restart all client and server machines after installing Oracle software with SMS.

  15. Note:  

    When you schedule an SMS job to distribute software, the source directory that was specified during package creation must be accessible to SMS. If you specified the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition for Windows NT CD-ROM as the source, be sure the CD-ROM is loaded into your CD-ROM drive during job creation. 



    Oracle documentation distributed in an SMS package points to the initial installation location in order to save client disk space. This location is the SMS_PKGD directory of the SMS distribution server. As a result, the client machine requires a drive mapping to the initial installation location for access to documentation files. On Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0, this drive mapping occurs automatically when the documentation icon is selected. 


De-installation Issues

Before running an Oracle de-installation job on an SMS client machine, be sure that all Oracle applications and services are stopped. De-installation will fail if services are running.

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