Pages related to user authentication

Overview of Kerberos Services

Information about the use of Kerberos at the SDCC

The Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol is used by the SDCC to provide password-based authentication of users for many SDCC services. For most purposes at the SDCC users do not directly interact with Kerberos, it is only used behind the scenes as a password verification service.

SDCC Authentication Migration

About the facility migration to the SDCC Kerberos5 realm, and the Identity, Policy, and Audit (IPA) management system for authentication and authorization

On December 11, 2018, at 10:00 AM EST, the SDCC/RACF moved our password-protected systems and services to a new, unified authentication system: IPA.  In order to access facility services, users will need to register a password in the new IPA authentication system if they have not done so already

Troubleshooting X11 Sessions

Diagnosing problems with remote X11 sessions via SSH.

A few of the more common problems with connecting to a remote X11 window session via SSH:

X11 Forwarding

You may not have enabled X11 session forwarding in either your SSH configuration files, or directly in your SSH client application.  On the file system, this can be configured in either, or both, of two configuration files:

  • Your user configuration file: