How to start using the grid, and information about virtual organizations and grid certificates (how to get one, renew one, and start using one).

Before you can start using the grid, you must first establish your grid identity by obtaining a certificate, and join a virtual organization (VO) related to your experiment.

The main steps are:

  1. Obtaining a grid certificate.
  2. Joining a VO.
  3. Installing your grid certificate.
  4. Adding your certificate to a VO (if necessary).

Related information:

    Setup your environment

    Get a Grid Certificate

    In order to use grid resources, you'll first need to acquire a personal grid certificate. Follow these instructions.

    Join a Virtual Organization

    After obtaining a grid certificate, you'll need to become a member of a virtual organization (VO), or to add your grid certificate to the membership list on a VOMS (Virtual Organization Management System) server. Follow these instructions.

    Use Grid Resources

    The following steps are prerequisites to submitting grid jobs:

    1. Install your grid certificate in your home directory and web browser. Follow these instructions.
    2. Establish a grid environment, which is usually specific to your site or experiment.

      For example: ATLAS users need to export grid-specific environment variables and run a setup script; 
      # set your local ATLAS environment:
      export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE="/cvmfs/"
      alias setupATLAS="source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/"
      # set up your DDM environment:
      export RUCIO_HOME="/cvmfs/"
      export RUCIO_AUTH_TYPE="x509_proxy"
      # export your CERN user name as your DDM nickname:
      export RUCIO_ACCOUNT="nickname"
      # set up a Rucio client:
    3. Create a VOMS proxy. See the official VOMS client documentation, or use the voms-proxy-init command:
      voms-proxy-init --voms=atlas -hours 240

    User Information

    Some basic BNL-specific grid information can be found here.

    BNL's OSG gatekeepers are:


    These gatekeepers can be used to submit batch jobs to the grid.

    In order to log into the gatekeepers and use grid client software, obtain a BNL and RACF computing account.

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