Thu Jan 28 13:42:11 EST 2021

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Summary: SDCC User Survey - closing soon

Many thanks to all who voted and filled out our users survey available at…

The user survey will be closed on January 30th (in two days) as noted in the previous announcement.

> This is a reminder that the SDCC has prepared a user survey for the year
> 2020. Our aim is to gather feedback from our user communities and obtain
> guidance for improving and extending our services as well as identify areas
> where we do well and where we need to improve. For the result to be
> significant, we need as many users as possible answering the survey (and
> from as many communities as possible).
> We have extended the survey feedback gathering to the end of the
> month. Please answer by January 30th.

This is your last opportunity to participate and cast your opinion.

Than you.

The SDCC team