Tue Feb 16 13:38:35 EST 2021

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Our new public website will be launched under the www.sdcc.bnl.gov domain.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 10:30AM-11:30AM

Group Responsible:
General Services

Affected Areas:

Expected User Impact:
Our main public websites for the RACF and SDCC will be combined into a new, updated site, with new content and features.

Maintainance Type:
Service Interruption
Submitted By:
Jason A. Smith <smithj4@bnl.gov>

Our existing sites have been merged into a new framework for www.sdcc.bnl.gov.  Any existing links and bookmarks to the current sites may no longer work. Content previously hosted on the two sites can be found via either a new navigation menu or the site's "search" feature. Your patience and feedback on the new site and content are appreciated and welcomed via our support system: