Safety Policies and Procedures at the SDCC and in the BCF

Data center rack positioning constraints:


  1. At least three people must be present when positioning a rack for power. One of them may be a representative of the equipment manufacturer when new racks are being positioned. All must wear appropriate PPE.
  2. Work Control Coordinator must have a work plan in place before permission is granted to remove tiles and move racks. This applies to every instance (new arrivals, mid-life, or end-of-life) when racks are moved on the raised floor.
  3. Racks may not be moved during off-hours. It must be done during regular working hours to ensure proper staffing and supervision unless advanced permission is granted by the Work Control Coordinator in consultation with F&O.
  4. No three adjacent tiles (in-line or diagonally) may be removed at the same time to preserve the structural integrity of nearby tiles on the raised floor system.
  5. Wheels must be locked or rack feet must be fully deployed when removing tiles adjacent to racks to safeguard against the sudden motion.
  6. Wheel blocks must be placed in front and behind racks when removing adjacent tiles to safeguard against wheels rolling into open holes on the raised floor.
  7. An established procedure must be followed. Please print this form and follow the instructions.


HEP Digital Data Management Policy

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Experiment Point of Contact Data Management Policy
ATLAS Srini Rajagopalan

Atlas Data Preservation Policy*

Atlas Data Access*

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